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Plan Amendment 2020-CW-2CP; Adopted Amendment 2017-30 & 2017 P-11


Adopted On:
February 23, 2021


Policy Plan Amendment

On July 14, 2020, the Board of Supervisors authorized consideration of a Comprehensive Plan amendment for the Housing and Land Use elements of the Policy Plan and for specific guidance in Area Plans and the Glossary related to Workforce Dwelling Units (WDUs) based on the policy adjustments recommended by the WDU Policy Task Force on June 30, 2020, as well as other appropriate updates to the Housing element of the Policy Plan. This effort will not include the recommendations in the Reston plan at this time as these will be addressed separately. Furthermore, the upcoming preservation task force may have additional changes which will be handled as appropriate at the conclusion of that effort. The Board also directed staff to actively engage stakeholders in the review of these amendments. Finally, the Board directed staff to prepare revisions to the Board of Supervisors’ WDU Policy Administrative Guidelines and Tysons Corner Urban Center WDU Policy Administrative Guidelines to be consistent with the WDU Policy Task Force recommendations. These items will be scheduled for public hearing and action in February 2021.

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