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Leanna O'Donnell,

Plan Amendment 2017-II-M1; Adopted Amendment 2017-06

McLean CBC, Subarea 12, 6707 Old Dominion Drive

Location Map for McLean CBC Subarea 12 Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Adopted On:
February 20, 2018

Tax Map Parcel:

Supervisor District:

Planning District:
McLean, McLean Community Business Center

This Plan amendment revised Plan recommendations for Tax Map parcel 30-2((9))73 [formerly Tax Map parcels 30-2 ((9))73-76, 84-88]. The approximately 1.4 acre property is generally located southwest of Old Dominion Drive, north of Lowell Avenue and northeast of Emerson Avenue. The amendment created a new subarea, Subarea 12a, within the McLean Community Business Center and designated the subarea as a Redevelopment Area. The Plan amendment added an option for mixed-use development for Subarea 12a to include office uses with ground floor retail and multifamily residential at an intensity up to 2.0 FAR with conditions.

Click on the map (above) for a detailed enlargement of the area.

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