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Leanna O'Donnell,

Plan Amendment 2018-I-A1; Adopted Amendment 2017-11

Oakwood Services International, 7210 Braddock Road

Location Map for Oakwood Services Comprehensive Plan Amendment

2016 Proffer Reform Bill - Non Exempt Area

Adopted On:
May 1, 2018

Tax Map Parcels:
71-3((8))12, 13 and 14

Supervisor District:

Planning District: 

This Plan amendment considered a map change only to public facilities, governmental, and institutional uses for Oakwood Services International, 7210 Braddock Road (Tax Map Parcels 71-3((8))12, 13 and 14). The Plan amendment was considered concurrent with Rezoning Application RZ 2017-MA-016 and companion Special Exception Amendment Application SEA 96-M-037.

Click on the map (above) for a detailed enlargement of the area.

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