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Leslie Johnson
Zoning Administrator

Sign Regulations Part II – Adopted Zoning Ordinance Amendment

Most notably, the amendment included the following changes:

  • Revisions of the nighttime brightness limitations for electronic display signs in Planned, Commercial, and Industrial districts. The maximum nit level was increased to 300 nits; signs in these districts located within 150 feet of a lot developed with a single-family dwelling with electronic displays that are visible to such lots are limited to 100 nits;
  • Consolidation of the comprehensive sign plan (CSP), special exception (SE), and special permit (SP) sign applications into a unified SE application type, featuring revised review criteria and new submission requirements;
  • Removal of the interpretation applying size limitations for signs in or adjacent to reserved parking spaces, such as electric vehicle charging spaces or mobile pickup parking spaces;
  • Allowance of a four-square-foot illuminated or electronic window sign;
  • Requirement for subdivision signs to be located solely at major vehicular entrances within an easement recorded for signage purposes or a common area;
  • Permission for multifamily buildings to opt for building-mounted signage instead of a freestanding sign;
  • Allowance of any number of drive-through use ordering boards (up to 20 feet in size); and
  • Reduction of the appeal timeframe for minor signs.

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