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Demolition (DEMOR) - Residential

A Residential Demolition permit is required for the complete demolition of a residential structure, partial demolition of a residential structure, or demolition of a residential pool.

To determine whether your permit application requires an associated grading plan, visit our Land Disturbance 101 webpage.

Note: Some residential properties (example: apartment buildings and condos) are considered commercial per the building code and therefore require commercial building permits. To be considered residential, a project must consist of a detached one- or two-family dwelling or townhouse and be no more than three stories high above ground level, as defined by code.

This information is the most common for how to obtain the necessary approval for your project and is not representative of all the conditions you may encounter.



Property owners may obtain permits in their own name, however, it is strongly recommended a properly licensed contractor pull the permits as the responsible party so the county can better assist in gaining compliance for defective work.



Before submitting, ensure you are aware of all applicable regulations and conditions that could affect your project to avoid surprises during the review process. Some of those factors include:

  • Zoning Information
  • Design Codes and Standards
  • Do I Need to Hire a Registered Design Professional (RDP)?
  • Floodplains
  • Resource Protection Areas (RPA)
  • Grading/Site Plans
  • Parking Tabulation
  • Types of Soils and Problem Soils
  • Researching Site Conditions

Additionally, other permits may be required depending on the scope of your project.
If required, they will need to have passed final inspections prior to the issuance of your demolition permit, such as:

  • A plumbing permit - required for sewer cap-off, if on public sewer.
  • A miscellaneous permit - required for asbestos abatement, if asbestos is present.

To get a detailed description about each regulation and condition, visit our Plan Ahead page.



PLUS Application

Apply for your residential demolition building record online in PLUS under the Building tab. If you are a first-time user, you must first register for an account.

application tab



Instructional Videos for PLUS





Helpful Instruction Guide:



Depending on the scope of your project, one or more of the following may be required:

First Submission

  • House Location Plat or Grading Plan Submission Record Number
    • Depends on the associated land disturbance proposed.
      *Note: for demolition of accessory structures only (pools, sheds, etc.) where total land disturbance is less than 2500 sq. ft. and limits of disturbance is not within 15’ of floodplain boundary, an aerial image or other conceptual exhibit may be provided identifying the item(s) to be demolished, in lieu of a house location plat.
  • Permit Authorization
    • Required if the applicant is not the owner and is not a licensed contractor.
  • Property Ownership Affidavit
    • Required if the owner information does not match current tax records, often when there is a new owner.
  • License Exemption Affidavit
    • Required if a licensed contractor is not listed on the application.
  • Projects located in the towns of Clifton or Vienna require separate approvals from the respective towns.
    • Approval documentation from the appropriate township must be uploaded to your PLUS record, via the Digital Plan Room, and named accordingly (e.g., Town of Vienna Approval).
  • Demolition bond form
  • Confirmation that asbestos is not present by providing one of the following:
  • Utility Company Disconnect Letters (disconnect letters are not required for Pool Demolitions)
    • Natural Gas
      • Washington Gas: 703-750-100
      • Columbia Gas: 800-543-8911
    • Electric
      • Dominion Power 888-667-3000
      • NOVEC: 703-335-0500
    • Water
      • Fairfax Water: 703-698-5600
      • Alexandria: 703-549-7080
      • Falls Church: 703-248-5071
      • Fairfax City: 703-385-7915
      • Herndon: 703-435-6800
      • Vienna 703-255-6385


Subsequent Submissions

If corrections are required, you will receive an email with links and instructions to make corrections and resubmit.

  • Issues” are comments from reviewers, which require an applicant response before resubmitting. Please respond to each “open” comment.
  • Prior to responding to comments and uploading revised plans/documents, navigate to the “Fees” tab and pay any outstanding resubmission fees.
  • Once complete, respond to all “open” issues, upload updated plans and/or documents, if needed, and complete your resubmission.

For further assistance, please refer to the below videos for step-by-step guidance on the resubmission process:

Helpful Videos:

red arrow in gray box Reviewing Issues, Conditions, & Notes in PLUS - YouTube

red arrow in gray box Void a Plan Sheet - YouTube

red arrow in gray box Upload Corrected Plans in PLUS - YouTube

Helpful Instruction Guides:


What's Next?

To get a step-by-step guide on PLUS statuses and what they mean, see our What is My PLUS Status? Building Plans Infographic

Review Process

Staff from the Permit Application Center, Health Department (if on well or septic), Building Plan Review, Site Technician Review team, Fire Marshal’s Office, Wastewater and Zoning may review your package for completeness and compliance with the building code and county ordinances. You will be notified of any deficiencies. Plan corrections, resubmission fees and additional supporting documents may be required.

  • Queue Times
  • Fees
  • Workflow Routing Slip to track review and plan assignment

For a detailed summary of application progress, to include the name(s) of assigned review staff, click on “Reports” in the top-right corner of the PLUS screen, when you are in a specific record, and select “Workflow Routing Slip Report.”

workflow routing slip


Permit Issuance

Once all reviews are approved and fees have been paid, your permit card and approved plans (if applicable) will be available to download from PLUS. You will also receive a link via a PLUS email notification.

Helpful Video:

red arrow in gray box Access Approved Plans in PLUS - YouTube Video


Building Inspections

Once the permit is issued and you begin construction, you are required to obtain inspections from the county for your project. The county must be notified when the stages of construction are reached that require an inspection. For more information, see our inspections webpage.

Helpful Video:

red arrow in gray box Building Inspections (an overview on how to schedule an inspection) - YouTube Video

red arrow in gray box Scheduling Building Inspections (a deeper dive into scheduling inspections, including common issues) - YouTube Video


Additional Resources



Need More Assistance?

For questions or additional information, please contact staff via telephone at 703-222-0801, TTY 711.



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