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Affordable Housing Preservation Task Force

At the July 28, 2020, meeting of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Supervisor John Foust, Chairman of the Board’s Housing Committee, along with Chairman Jeff McKay and Supervisor Dalia Palchik, introduced a motion to establish a task force for the purpose of developing a comprehensive plan for the preservation of affordable housing. 

Affordable Housing Preservation Task Force Charter

Preservation Task Force Recommendations
UPDATE (April 13, 2021): 
Board of Supervisors Endorses Affordable Housing Preservation Recommendations


The objective of the Preservation Task Force is to provide the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors with policy recommendations for creative and sustainable housing preservation initiatives that are consistent with the One Fairfax Initiative and best practices. Key issues to be addressed in the work of the task force include:

  • Definitions for the types of preservation that can occur in communities
  • Typology of properties at risk and characteristics to guide prioritizing properties or neighborhoods in need of action sooner
  • A comprehensive set of preservation strategies the includes recommended policies and tools to achieve the goal of no net loss of affordability

Preservation of Aging Affordable Units   Preservation of Mobile Homes     

Guiding Principles

  1. Best Practices: Use industry recognized best practices to inform the work of the Preservation Task Force.
  2. One Fairfax Racial and Social Equity Policy and Lens: Use the One Fairfax Policy to apply a racial and social equity lens in all efforts of the Preservation Task Force and in the creation of the proposed Preservation Strategy.
  3. Categories and Characteristics: Develop a concrete list of categories and characteristics of housing and the characteristics that put properties at risk to understand the criteria that can help prioritize at risk properties which will be used as a guiding principle when considering strategies for preservation.

Task Force Resources

“Market affordable” homes are those considered to be affordable to households earning 60 percent of the area median income (AMI) or below – about $75,000 or less per year for a family of four. The Board of Supervisors adopted a principle of no net loss of market affordable housing units in the county in 2019.   

The county’s stock of “market affordable” rental homes faces three critical pressures:

  1. Redevelopment of older apartment complexes
  2. The renovation and/or “repositioning” of previously affordable properties
  3. Household incomes are not able to keep pace with the increases in rent

The way to ensure no net loss is through adopting a set of clear preservation strategies which can include renovation of existing developments with the addition of affordability restrictions, replacing units on or off-site, and/or buying and holding communities to reserve the market affordability. The Preservation Task Force is responsible for reviewing strategies and providing policy and planning recommendations to the Board of Supervisors for action.

Fairfax County Background Resources

Non-Fairfax County Resources to Consider:

Non-Fairfax County Mobile Home and Manufactured Housing Community Resources


All meetings are Thursdays from 2 to 4 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Affordable Housing Preservation Task Force Member List
Walter Clarke, Co-Chair
Melissa McKenna, Co-Chair
Corey Aber
John Blair
John Boylan
Paul Browne
Stuart Cain
Soledad Portilla
Rick Edson
Erik Hoffman
Michelle Krocker
David Levine
Howard Mack
Eric Maribojoc
Kamilah McAfee
Ken McMillon
Tiffani Moore
Ava Nguyen
Jill Norcross
Feras Qumseya
Carmen Romero
Mark Viani




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