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Guide for HOAs Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Top three things to know about electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) permitting for homeowner associations (HOAs):

electric vehicle charging

  1. The EVCS installer is responsible for applying for building permits, submitting plans and scheduling inspections.
  2. HOAs are considered commercial property, so keep that in mind when reviewing any guidance about permitting.
  3. The fees for EVCS electrical and building permits have been waived for Fairfax County properties through October 31, 2025.


The following FAQs provide additional information about EVCS installation on HOA property.

  • An Electrical permit is required for new circuits and outlets (no permit is required if you are plugging a stand-alone charging station into an existing outlet).
  • A Commercial New Building permit is required for commercial charging stations with an overhead canopy or other type of structure.
  • A Sign permit is required for commercial charging stations with advertising signs.

The HOA should hire a qualified EVCS installation contractor to install the EVCS properly. The contractor will coordinate the permit, plan review and inspection process. Learn more about hiring a contractor.

Work closely with your contractor throughout the process to ensure all guidelines are being met. Onsite points of contact will also need to be identified when applying for the permits in the Planning and Land Use System (PLUS).

Fees for EVCS electrical and building permits have been waived through October 31, 2025.

Yes, HOA points of contact should be able to navigate PLUS to check the status of the project and confirm current information is included. Learn more about PLUS.

The EVCS contractor will upload an architectural/structure plan to PLUS. This plan is reviewed by LDS staff.

  • The Zoning Administration Division (ZAD) in the Department of Planning and Development enforces, maintains, and administers the provisions of the Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance. 
  • HOAs must complete and submit the Electric Vehicle Charging Space Review Checklist. A licensed and qualified contractor may submit the checklist on behalf of the HOA. The checklist must be submitted to ZAD through the PLUS system, as an Interpretation of Zoning Ordinance record (please use the filled-out checklist as your request letter). Once approved by ZAD, the signed and approved checklist must be submitted to Land Development Services via the Plus system, with any electrical, building or site applications.

  • Some HOAs may also need to build a retaining wall before installing an EVCS. Retaining walls are exempt from permits if they have less than 36" of unbalanced fill. If your retaining wall will have more than 36” of unbalanced fill, apply for a commercial retaining wall permit in PLUS. The fee exemption would not apply to a retaining wall permit.
  • A site plan may be needed if land disturbance due to trenching exceeds 2,500 square feet. The fee exemption would not apply to any site-related applications. Learn more about land disturbance and site plans.

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