Lewinsville Senior Center

Fairfax County, Virginia

CONTACT INFORMATION: Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM

TTY 711

1515 Great Falls Street
McLean, VA 22101

Polly Tompkins,

Lewinsville Senior Center

The demolition and reconstruction of the Lewinsville Senior Center is now in progress. The Lewinsville Center, formerly Lewinsville Elementary School was home to an Adult Day Health Care facility (operated by the Fairfax County Health Department), the Lewinsville Senior Residences (operated by the Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority), the Lewinsville Senior Center (operated by Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services) and two privately-operated child care centers.

Lewinsville Senior Center participants will experience no disruptions in service during this period of construction:

  • All activities have been relocated to the Lewinsville Retirement Residences. The facility is located at 1515 Great Falls Street, McLean - less than one mile from the current location of the Lewinsville Senior Center.
  • Meals will continue to be served. Daily lunches will continue to be provided through the Congregate Meals Program.
  • Fastran services will continue during the construction period. Transportation services to and from the Lewinsville Retirement Residences will continue to be provided to those enrolled in the service.

Other services housed in the former building have also been relocated as follows:

  • The Adult Day Care Center has been relocated to 7700 Leesburg Pike, Suite 4.
  • The Lewinsville Montessori School and Westgate Child Care Center will remain on site but be relocated to learning cottages placed on the site in the former soccer field location.

Project Scope

Lewinsville Senior Center RenderingThe project includes the complete demolition of the building and the construction of two separate buildings in its place - a privately-operated 82-unit senior independent housing residence and a building to house the Lewinsville Senior Center, Adult Day Health Care and child care centers. The project is anticipated to take 18 months to complete.

Once completed, the new 7,500 square-foot senior center will be more than twice the size of the original Lewinsville Senior Center and include the following features:

  • Fitness Room
  • Game Room / Billiards
  • Large Multi-Purpose Room (can be split into two activity rooms)
  • Art Room
  • Cafe & Dining Room
  • Kitchenette
  • Conference Room
  • NCS Staff Offices

Other Resources

Project Timeline

  • November 2016: Senior Center programs relocated; site construction began
  • April 2017: Childcare Centers to be relocated to learning cottages
  • May 2017: Demolition of the existing structure, remaining site infrastructure
  • September 2017: Residential Building and Community Facility construction begins
  • Summer 2018: Planned completion of Residential Building
  • October 18, 2018 (2 PM): Grand Opening for The Fallstead at Lewinsville Residential Building (1609 Great Falls Street, McLean)
  • Spring 2019: Planned completion of the Senior Center and Daycare Building

Questions and Comments

  • Questions about the programs, services and operation of the Lewinsville Senior Center can be directed to the Department of Neighborhood and Community Services at 703-442-9075, TTY 711.
  • Questions about the Senior Residences can be directed to the Department of Housing and Community Development at 703-246-5002, TTY 711.
  • Questions about Adult Day Healthcare can be directed to the Health Department at 703-246-8743 or 703-734-1718.
  • Questions and concerns with construction operations may be directed to Daniel Blackburn of Hamel Builders at 410-379-6700.