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The Fairfax Center Area Study - Phase III, Core Area

Fairfax Center Area Phase III Map2016 Proffer Reform Bill - Exempt

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The Fairfax Center Area Study (Plan Amendment 2013-III-FC1) is a multi-phase planning study to examine the Comprehensive Plan guidance for the Fairfax Center Area. The Fairfax Center Area comprises approximately 5,500 acres west of the City of Fairfax and east of Centreville, generally between Lee-Jackson Memorial Highway (Route 50) and Lee Highway (Route 29). Phases I and II of the study have been completed.

Phase III of the study (Plan Amendment 2013-III-FC1(C)) was authorized by the Board of Supervisors as a follow-on motion to the adoption of Phase II, on December 6, 2016. Phase III focuses on reviewing the Plan guidance for the Core Area of the Fairfax Center Area Suburban Center, which includes Land Units A and B. This phase follows up on the work of Phase II, which included the development of a Core Area Vision, by conducting a transportation analysis of the Core Area and refining the transportation, land use mix and intensity recommendations for this area.

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Previous Phases

Phase I

The Board of Supervisors adopted Phase I - PA 2013-III-FC1(A) of the Fairfax Center Area Study on December 2, 2014. This phase involved an evaluation of the Comprehensive Plan recommendations for the suburban neighborhood and low-density residential areas along the edges of the study area.

Phase I Staff Report

Phase I Adopted Text

Phase II

The second phase - PA 2013-III-FC1(B), adopted on December 6, 2016, evaluated the Suburban Center portion of the study area and the Area-wide guidance. An area-wide working group met monthly to discuss Plan changes. 

Phase II Staff Report

Phase II Adopted Text

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