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Plan Amendment 2020-CW-3CP; Adopted Amendment 2017-44 & 2017 P-13

Airport Noise Policy

Adopted On:
June 28, 2022


Policy Plan Amendment

PLUS Record Number:

On July 28, 2020, the Board of Supervisors (Board) authorized consideration of a Comprehensive Plan Amendment for the relevant Policy Plan and Area Plan sections of the Plan to allow new residential uses in the area between the 60 and 65 DNL airport noise contours. The proposed amendment would amend the Environment and Land Use elements of the Policy Plan and certain portions of the Area III section of the Plan so that, as a matter of policy, new residential uses could be considered in the area between the 60 and 65 DNL airport noise contours with commitments to noise mitigation measures, notification requirements, and appropriate construction techniques. This Plan amendment does not propose changes to planned land uses within the 60 and 65 DNL airport noise contours. If the Comprehensive Plan is amended to permit consideration of new residential uses within the 60-65 DNL noise contours, prior to redevelopment, future site-specific plan amendments would be needed to consider residential uses within areas that are not currently planned for new residential uses. 

Understanding Aircraft Noise

The following webpages provide information regarding aircraft noise generally and noise from airport operations at Dulles and National Airports specifically:


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