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McLean Community Business Center (CBC) Study

Locator map of Mclean Community Business Center StudyOn April 10, 2018 the Board of Supervisors authorized a Comprehensive Plan (Plan) amendment to review the recommendations for the McLean Community Business Center (CBC).

The McLean CBC Study (Plan Amendment 2018-II-M1) will review recommendations for future land uses, development intensities, transportation, public facilities and urban design within the CBC. The last full review of the Comprehensive Plan recommendations for the CBC occurred in 1998, and the community and the county recognized the need to update the Plan recommendations.  The McLean CBC is approximately 230 acres and is centered around the intersection of Old Dominion Drive and Chain Bridge Road and is located south of Dolly Madison Boulevard (Route 123).

Click on the map for a detailed enlargement of the area. 

Suggestions for Land Use Change

The submission period for land use change to the Comprehensive Plan for the McLean Community Business Center (CBC) closed on November 15, 2018. The task force will review and discuss the submissions at its January 14, 2019 meeting.

Community Engagement

Since this spring, the county has been working on the study for the McLean CBC.  The county hired a consultant, Streetsense, to help create a vision plan with the community that will be used by a task force, the community, and the county to develop Comprehensive Plan recommendations. 

In June the community participated in three workshops.  During these three workshops, participants told us what they wanted to see for the future of the CBC.   Since the workshops, Streetsense has been working on a draft vison plan to present to the community at two open houses this fall.  At the open houses, the community will have the opportunity to view the drafts and provide feedback that will be incorporated into the final vision plan. 

The first open house focused on an initial draft of the vision plan, referred to as a framework plan, which outlined major elements of the vision. The second open house will focus on a refined draft of the vision plan, which will be an illustrative site plan of downtown McLean that will incorporate input from the first open house. 

Later this fall, Streetsense will complete the final vision plan after compiling and analyzing community input received at the open houses. The study’s task force, which is made up of residents, will then work with county staff and the community to translate this vision into recommendations for changes to the Comprehensive Plan. The task force’s monthly meetings are open to the public.

For More Information

Questions or comments can be emailed or directed to Katrina Newtson at (703) 324-1233.

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