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Comprehensive Plan Amendments

The Plan Amendment (PA) Work Program lays out the review schedule for current Comprehensive Plan amendments and special studies. The work program consists of activity center and neighborhood planning studies, and site-specific (Board-authorized) and countywide policy amendments. Priority is given to amendments that advance major policy objectives, address emerging community concerns, and provide a platform to better implement the Concept for Future Development. The planning process strives to identify the latest planning trends, engage the community in planning efforts, and ensure that plan guidance is up to date and relevant to decision makers.

Current Plan Amendments and Studies

Project websites have been established to provide additional information about specific studies.

  • Minor Plan Amendments
  • Activity Center or Neighborhood
  • Countywide and Policy

Site-Specific Plan Amendment Process (SSPA)

The Site-Specific Plan Amendment process (SSPA) improves public participation in land use planning efforts, and allows for the community to propose changes to the Work Program. It incorporates a new nomination-based review cycle into the Comprehensive Plan Amendment Work Program.

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