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Completed FCDOT Transportation Projects

The new pedestrian facility includes 400 linear feet of concrete sidewalk that ties into the existing pedestrian facilities near Douglass Drive and the Dead Run Trail. The five foot sidewalk is separated by a four foot wide grass buffer strip. Other infrastructure improvements are required to provide an accessible path, including curb and gutter, curb ramps, driveway entrances and pavement modifications. A closed drainage system was installed to meet drainage requirements and support the installation of the pedestrian facility. Modifications to signage and pavement markings were made to enhance vehicle and pedestrian safety. 

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The new pedestrian/bicycle facility featured:

  • A 1,200 foot long asphalt trail through the wooded area north of Oak Bluff Court. Retaining walls and an open drainage system were required along this stretch to accommodate the trail. The trail connected to the western end of Premier Court. 
  • A 600 foot long concrete sidewalk along the south side of Premier Court. Other improvements in this area included curb and gutter, new pavement, parking modifications and on-road bike lanes.  
  • A crosswalk connecting the new sidewalk on the south side of Premier Court to an existing sidewalk on the north side of Premier Court, helping commuters safely access the Burke Centre VRE.

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Great Falls Street between I-66 bridge and North West Street

This project completed missing sidewalk links on Great Falls Street. The project will construct about 1,400 linear feet of five foot concrete sidewalk with curb and gutter on Great Falls Street between North West Street and the I-66 overpass. A four foot wide sidewalk was constructed for two short segments on either side of the bridge in an existing unpaved area, to extend the sidewalk to the existing walkway on the east side of Great Falls Street at Osborn Street.

North West Street between Great Falls Street and Brilyn Place

This project completed a missing sidewalk link on the north side of North West Street to connect the residential neighborhood between Great Falls Street and Brilyn Place. The project included about 300 linear feet of six foot concrete sidewalk with curb and gutter on North West Street.

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Pedestrians crossing Backlick Road in Springfield between Highland Street and the Beltway overpass now have a safer walkway thanks to a new HAWK Signal. The Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Aug. 30, 2016, with elected officials; Lynbrook Elementary School staff, students and PTA representatives; VDOT and FCDOT staff; and community advocates. Photos from the event are posted on Facebook.

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The Jones Branch Connector helps meet the goals of Fairfax County in its redevelopment of the Tysons area. These goals include the development of a grid of streets that are pedestrian friendly, support multi-modal forms of transportation such as bicycles and buses and contribute to a more urban, “downtown” feel than currently exists. The Jones Branch Connector provide an alternative route between Tysons East (Route 123) and West (Jones Branch Drive), bypassing the I-495/Route 123 Interchange. 

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This project provides a continuous third travel lane and pedestrian walkway on northbound Lee Highway from Legato Road to Shirley Gate Road, as well as a dedicated right turn lane on south bound Lee Highway from Stevenson Drive to Waples Mill Road. 

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This project, which was completed in Winter 2022, added 2,670 feet of sidewalk along the south side of Telegraph Road from 500 feet north of S. Kings Highway to Rose Hill Road/Lee District Park. The project also widened the road and installed curb and gutter, storm drainage pipe and a retaining wall. 

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The Tysons Metrorail Station Access Management Study (TMSAMS) identified necessary transportation improvements to enhance multimodal access to and from the Metrorail Stations in Tysons. Vesper Trail is one of the identified improvements, connecting pedestrians and cyclists from Vesper Street to Spring Hill Metro Station. The trail is an approximate .4 miles and runs primarily within Fairfax County Board of Supervisor property. The federally funded project was substantially completed on January 24, 2019.

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