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Health Permits for Mobile Food Service Units

All mobile food service units must have a Food Establishment Permit before beginning operation in Fairfax County.

Mobile Food Vending in Fairfax County

Food trucks are allowed to sell food in three different types of locations within Fairfax County: designated right-of-way locations, private commercially owned property and Fairfax County parks. Permitting requirements and responsible agencies will differ based on the type of location in which you plan to operate.

  • If you are planning on vending on Fairfax County Park Authority property, you must first get a Park Use Permit.
  • If you are planning on vending on private commercially owned property, you must get a Food Truck Operation Permit from the Department of Planning and Development.

See more information from Fairfax County: Mobile Food Unit (Food Trucks) Permits 

Right-of-Way Locations

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has issued a land use permit to Fairfax County that allows mobile food vending in designated right-of-way locations. Only a mobile food unit with a valid Fairfax County Health Department Food Establishment Permit may operate in these locations.

The Health Department has established a process for the owner/operator of a mobile food unit to operate in these locations. The process includes an agreement comply with the specific requirements that must be met and maintained in order to operate in the locations identified on the following maps:

How to Obtain a Food Establishment Permit for a Mobile Food Service Unit

STEP 1: Submit Plans for Review

  • Plans, a.k.a. "drawings," shall be provided to the Health Department by any person intending to construct, remodel, obtain a new permit or convert a vehicle or trailer into a mobile food unit in Fairfax County.
  • Read the Health Department Guidelines to Operate Mobile Food Service Units for specific information about compliance and requirements.
  • Applicant must submit plans to the Health Department for review and approval plus a plan review fee of $40.00 for each vehicle or trailer.
  • Plans must be drawn to scale (e.g., 1/4" = 1 ft.) on 8 1/2 x 11 inches or larger white paper with dark ink only, blue prints or any other standard floor plans. The plans must show top schematic view of equipment layout, proposed equipment types and model numbers, construction materials, finishes, and side view of electrical and plumbing installations.
  • Additional information may be required by the Health Department for proper review of the proposed construction, conversion or modification, and procedures for operating a mobile food unit.

STEP 2: Apply for Food Permit

STEP 3: Schedule Pre-Occupancy Inspection

  • Call 703-246-2201 to schedule a pre-occupancy inspection, which is conducted by appointment only between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • A Certified Food Manager is to be present at the time of the pre-occupancy inspection.
  • The mobile food unit must be clean and all equipment including refrigerators, steam tables, sinks, vent hoods and water heaters must be operating at the time of inspection. At this inspection, you will need to provide the following:
    • The food permit application package above, if you haven’t submitted it already.
    • Copy of limited or full certified food manager license for all individuals who will work on the food truck.
    • Business name in three inch lettering on both sides of vehicles.
    • Approved sanitizer and test kit (if three compartment sink is present).
    • A three compartment sink (if needed) with the faucet reaching all compartments of the sink, and hot/cold running water.
    • A hand sink with soap and disposable hand towels.
    • Approved probe thermometer.
    • Approved NSF or equivalent equipment including water hoses, home style equipment is not allowed.
    • If a stationary mobile unit is located in a building, then a copy of the contract with the building management/owner is needed.

STEP 4: Open for Business

  • Once the pre-occupancy inspection is conducted and all construction and equipment requirements are met and approved, a permit and decal will be issued.


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