Zoning Evaluation Division

Fairfax County, Virginia

CONTACT INFORMATION: Our office is open 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday

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Tracy Strunk,

Zoning Evaluation Division


ZED is following the Herrity Building operating procedures and continues to process applications.  Internal and external meetings will in general be held via phone or video conference, although some may be delayed.

Public Hearings of the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals will follow the direction of those bodies. If you have specific questions about your application, letter, or other request, please contact the staff person assigned or the appropriate branch. You may also call our front desk at 703-324-1290 for assistance or general questions.

For the most up-to-date information on public hearings and meetings, please visit:

The Zoning Evaluation Division (ZED) is charged with processing all zoning applications submitted to the County, and formulating recommendations to the approving bodies. All land use development proposals and applications are subject to approval by the Board of Supervisors, following a recommendation by the Planning Commission or by the Board of Zoning Appeals. In addition, ZED responds to requests for proffer and development condition interpretations, to requests from residents and community groups concerning zoning, and to requests for litigation support from the County Attorney. ZED also maintains the Zoning Applications Process System (ZAPS) component of the County’s Land Development System database (LDSnet), which provides zoning-related information to the public, as well as to internal County users.


Administrative Support

  • Prepares legal advertising and posting of property for public hearings
  • Distributes new zoning case information and staff reports for public meetings
  • Provides general information on the zoning evaluation process
  • Schedules zoning applications public hearings

Conformance Review and Acceptance

  • Accepts all zoning applications (rezonings, special exceptions special permits, variances)
  • Processes interpretations of previously approved zonings

Rezoning and Special Exception Evaluation

  • Processes and coordinates Rezoning and Special Exception Applications
  • Conducts technical review, negotiates with applicants, responds to citizen inquiries
  • Presents applications and staff position at public hearings before the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors

Special Permit and Variance Evaluation

  • Processes and coordinates Special Permit and Variance applications
  • Conducts technical review, works with applicants, responds to citizen inquiries
  • Presents applications and staff position at public hearings before the Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Clerk to the Board of Zoning Appeals



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