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Minor Variations of Approved Rezoning Applications

A minor variation permits the Board of Supervisors to approve specific and minor changes to an approved rezoning application as an action item at a normally scheduled Board meeting.  While a public hearing is not required, during the meeting, the item is described to the Board as a whole and a decision is made by motion. Please be aware that during the review of such requests, staff will coordinate with you to assure that you provide all required legal notification and coordinate with the appropriate member of the Board of Supervisors.  Generally, the process requires submission of documents that describe the request (with any necessary supporting graphics), as well as an application form, a completed affidavit, and an annotated tax map.  You may submit the request to our office or by email to  For any questions related to this process, please contact the Planner of the Day at (703) 324-1290.

Submitting a Request for a Minor Variation

Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for submitting a request for a minor variation are as follows:

The Zoning Ordinance provides that the Board may approve certain requests for minor variations without a public hearing so long as such requests do not materially affect proffered conditions of use, density or intensity for the following types of requests.  Please see subsection 8100.5.A(2) for the exact language.

  1. Add or modify a use, so long as the use is not specifically precluded in the proffers and it is demonstrated that the new use would have no materially greater land use impacts than the approved uses;
  2. Increase the permitted building height 15 feet or 15%, whichever is greater so long as the maximum height for the zoning district is not exceeded;
  3. Modify minimum setbacks or other dimensions;
  4. Add, modify or delete active or passive recreation uses in certain circumstances after the recreational facility was built;
  5. Modify proffer commitments related to technologies or services that are underutilized, ineffective or obsolete;
  6. Modify architectural design, character, color, features or materials for buildings and signs in certain circumstances.

Submission Requirements

If interested in filing for a minor variation, please submit the following: 

  1. Application form;
  2. Fee of $520; fees may be paid online or by check made payable to Fairfax County.  If the online payment option is used, a copy of the receipt is required with your submission.
  3. A letter describing your request;
  4. Notarized property owner authorization (if the property owner has an agent or is not the applicant); 
  5. Graphics (if appropriate) which depicts the proposed variation;
  6. Signed statement describing the specific change requested; 
  7. Completed rezoning affidavit; and
  8. Copy of zoning map with the subject property outlined in red.

Upon submission of a complete package, staff will review and schedule the application for a Board of Supervisors meeting with a target of around 60 days after submission.  Should any changes or modifications to your information be needed, staff will contact you.  Please be aware that, should the district Supervisor determine that a public hearing would be more appropriate for your request, staff will contact you to determine the next steps.  Finally, approximately 30 days prior to your Board meeting, you will receive the notifications, with instructions, that you will mail out to certain adjoining property owners. 

Requests should be addressed to:

Tracy D. Strunk, AICP, Director
Zoning Evaluation Division, Department of Planning and Development
12055 Government Center Parkway, Suite 801
Fairfax, VA 22035



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