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Plan Amendment 2021-CW-T2; Adopted Amendment 2017-48 & 2017 P-15

Fairfax County and Franconia-Springfield Parkway Study

Adopted On:
March 21, 2023

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Policy Plan Amendment

On July 27, 2021, the Board of Supervisors authorized the consideration of a Comprehensive Plan amendment to incorporate recommendations from the Fairfax County and Franconia-Springfield Parkways Long-Term Planning Study, affecting the Braddock, Dranesville, Hunter Mill, Lee, Mount Vernon, Springfield and Sully Supervisor Districts. The adopted Transportation Plan Map currently includes various transportation mitigation recommendations along the Fairfax County and Franconia-Springfield Parkways within the Area III and Area IV volumes of the Comprehensive Plan. Given that many of these recommendations are from decades past, the Board had requested that staff assess and consider an updated set of transportation recommendations for the Parkways corridors.

Plan amendment 2019-III-T1, authorized on September 24, 2019, directed staff to evaluate potential for a partial interchange (i.e., overpass/underpass/fly-over) at Fairfax County Parkway and Burke Centre Parkway. Note that the analysis and recommendations for this Plan amendment have been rolled into the larger Plan amendment 2021-CW-T2.

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