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Talk Like a Pirate!

Talk Like a Pirate

Check out this list of pirate words and phrases likely used by the pirates many years ago. You will be ready to “talk like a pirate” when International Talk like a Pirate Day arrives on Sept. 19!

  • Ahoy –Hello
  • Avast – Stop and give attention
  • Aye – Yes, I agree
  • Bail out – Help a friend in need
  • Belay – Command to stop
  • Bilge – Nonsense and foolish talk
  • Booty – Loot from the battle
  • Chew the fat – Friendly conversation
  • Davy Jones’s locker –Bottom of the sea
  • Fair winds – Goodbye and good luck
  • Grub – Food
  • Lubber – One who does not go to sea
  • Pillage – To rob on the shore
  • Scuttlebutt – Gossip and rumors

You can learn more about “talking like a pirate” and learn more than 70 world languages for free through FCPL and Mango Languages. Visit our resources page to create an account, log in and even download the Mango Languages app!

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