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Spring in Virginia means outdoor walks could look different every day! Follow us for the latest peek into the parks. Want to share a photos? Message us on social or email

Virtual Resource Center

Welcome to the Fairfax County Park Authority Virtual Exploration Center – a collection of resources to help you stay healthy, connected and engaged while our parks are closed. This page will be updated regularly, so check back often for new resources. And be sure to us on social media for new updates and ideas to help with your at-home exploration and recreation. 

For more ideas and updates on new content, follow us Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at @fairfaxparks. Have a great idea or resource you’d like to request?  Email us

health wellness header

Although we’re all physically distancing, we need to stay connected emotionally. Reach out to a friend or relative to check-in. Write letters. Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep. Take breaks from technology and find time to unwind. Even a brisk walk or stretch outside makes a big difference. We’ve compiled the below fitness and nutrition resources to help you take healthy strides. Please check with your doctor before starting any exercise program. 

Healthy Strides Videos

video iconBalance and Beyond – FCPA fitness Instructor Barb E. leads an at-home version of Balance and Beyond.

video iconRoll the Dice Workout – South Run RECenter's Jessica G. teaches her kids basic exercise moves through a fun "roll the dice" game format. Stay tuned for more Healthy Strides videos from FCPA RECenter staff.

FCPA Partner Videos

video iconLes Mills On-Demand – FCPA RECenter members and guests get free access to 100+ workout videos. Exercise intensity ranges from moderate to vigorous. Includes content appropriate for kids and post-pregnancy. 

video iconChannel 16 Tai Chi & Yoga Videos – Stay active and reduce stress with free streaming videos. Exercise intensity ranges from light to moderate.  

video iconFree Workout Videos for Older Adults – Explore free videos from the National Institute on Aging at NIH. Exercise intensity ranges from light to moderate.


printable iconMy Health Journal – Encourage healthy habits with kids with this free daily health journal.

Tools and Resources

computer web iconMove Your Way Activity Planner – Find free resources to help your family get 60 minutes of daily activity.

computer web iconMove Your Way Interactive Tracker – Interactive tool providing fitness suggestions for the whole family.

computer web iconMyPlate Kitchen – Visit the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Site to explore free recipes and create your own cookbook

computer web iconExercise & Physical Activity Trackers – The U.S. Department of Aging provides printables and resources to encourage regular physical activity.

science nature header

Discover science and nature in the world around you! Foster your natural curiosity, develop emotional connections and foster respect for the world around you. Enjoy quiet time outside; explore your space with all five of your senses. Reflect upon what you know and what you’d like to know. We’ve compiled the following resources to aid in your science and nature exploration.

Featured Videos

video iconColvin Run Mill and Simple Machines – A simple machines video for science teachers.


printable iconNature Walk Bingo Boards – Print out this set of six Bingo boards and head out on a nature walk!

printable iconScavenger Hunt Bingo – This printable set of six Bingo boards can be used indoors or out and focuses on letters, numbers, colors and shapes.

printable iconCounting on the Farm – Bring farm fun into your home with this math worksheet and activity.

printable iconA Field Guide to Fairfax County's Plants and Wildlife – Use this printable guide to identify common species found in typical neighborhoods, schoolyards, parks and other areas.

printable iconCreate Your Own Field Guide to a Local Animal – A 4th grade class at Flint Hill School in Oakton, Va., shows how to study, research and observe a local animal in your neighborhood.

Tools and Resources

computer iconBird Exploration – Checklists the many bird species that have been spotted at various parks.

computer iconFrying Pan Farm Park New Arrivals – Getting updates on the newest spring arrivals at Frying Pan Farm!

computer iconCity Nature Challenge – Learn how to use the iNaturalist app and other resources to learn about observations in nature. 

computer iconVirginia Natural Resources Education Guide – Elementary and middle school resources and lesson plans focused on Virginia’s natural resources.

computer iconState Arboretum of Virginia Educational Resources – Tools for hands-on investigations and field studies of Virginia’s natural resources. 

computer icon4-H Afterschool Agriculture – Miss the farm? Check out these 4-H educational resources to promote agricultural literacy.

computer iconOur Stories & Perspectives Blog– Explore wildlife, plants and more with regular posts on the Park Authority’s blog. 

computer iconNOAA Ocean Service Education – Explore NOAA resources including a Chesapeake Bay Activity Book.

computer iconFeather Atlas – Learn about feathers with the US Fish & Wildlife Service’s Feather Atlas

culture history header

Explore Fairfax County’s cultural and historical resources from the comfort of your couch! 

Featured Videos

video iconColvin Run Mill and Simple Machines – A simple machines video for science teachers. 


printable iconMini-Miller Must Sees: Independent Tour – This booklet is for kids ages 5-12 to do while they explore the outdoor Colvin Run Mill site.

Tools and Resources

computer iconartiFacts Blog – Explore Fairfax County History through archaeology. 

computer iconColvin Run Mill Coloring & Activity Pages – The Friends of Colvin Run Mill posts coloring pages and activities twice a week.

computer iconColvin Run Mill Baking Recipes – Home recipes using products ground at Colvin Run Mill  

computer iconFairfax County History – Explore Fairfax County’s rich history with this collection of resources. 

computer iconFairfax County Inventory of Historic Sites – Explore this a classified survey list of sites, areas and structures in Fairfax County.

computer iconSTORY MAP: Fairfax County Historical Roadside Markers – Take a virtual tour of historical highway markers in Fairfax County

computer iconSTORY MAP: Nature & History Sites – An interactive tour of nine natural and history sites in Fairfax County.

computer iconSTORY MAP: Old Colchester Park & Preserve – An interactive virtual cultural history tour. 


Important Links:

FCPA Response to Coronavirus – Get current info on Park Authority closures and response to COVID-19.

Fairfax County COVID-19 Info – Find news and resources related to the health crisis in Fairfax County.  

Assistance from a Distance – Learn how to access the Fairfax County Department of Family Services from a distance.

Fairfax County Public Schools Meal Distribution – Use a searchable map to find food distribution sites.

Fairfax Virtual Assistant