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Employee Recycling

Are mixed paper and cardboard collected separately where you work?

Business RecyclingIf not, they should be. All nonresidential properties (i.e., businesses, schools, institutions), regardless of their size, are required to recycle these materials.

Other recycling requirements may also apply. It is the responsibility of your property owner or manager to make a determination.  To do so, they must answer these questions:

  • Does this single location, complex or institution produce more than 100 tons of solid waste annually?
  • Does this property have an average annual occupancy of 200 persons or more?

If the answer to either of these questions is 'yes,' then your property owner or management firm must also provide for the recycling of one principal recyclable material. (If county staff determines that the principal recyclable material is cardboard and/or paper, no additional recycling is required.)

Create an Office Recycling Program

Follow these simple steps and you can create a recycling program in your office!Office Recycling

  1. Designate an Office "Recycling Coordinator." Select someone in the office to oversee your recycling program. Your recycling coordinator will be responsible for arranging collection of recyclables, encouraging employees to recycle and overall monitoring of the recycling program.
  2. Arrange for Collection. There are several options to consider for collection. You may contact your waste hauler to arrange collection, designate an employee to deliver your recyclables to the nearest recycling center or contract with your janitorial staff.
  3. Get Recycling Bins. Buy new bins for multiple locations in your office, or transform some existing trash cans into recycling bins - now that's recycling!
  4. Location, Location, Location. To generate maximum participation, be sure to place recycling bins in each workstation or office, as well as in central areas such as lunchrooms, lounges and office machine rooms.
  5. Make it Easy - Label the Bins. Clearly label every recycling bin to indicate EXACTLY what items go in the bin, e.g., "Aluminum Cans," "Mixed Paper."
  6. Kick-Off the Recycling Program. Announce your new office recycling program through an event or a series of internal emails leading up to the kick-off.
  7. Keep Up the Enthusiasm. Create employee recycling incentive programs to keep the momentum going. For example, recognize employees who reduce the company's waste - "Recycler of the Month." Distribute new waste reduction and recycling tips to spread the recycling message. Also, don't forget to let your customers know!

Article reprinted with permission from the California Department of Conservation.

If you want to learn more or to ask questions about how to recycle at your place of work, you may contact us via email or by calling 703-324-5230, TTY 711.

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