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Apply for Vacuum Leaf Service

Vacuum leaf service requires an additional petition process and is only available in those areas that already receive trash collection service from the Fairfax County or who are petitioning for trash collection in conjunction with the request for leaf collection service.

To petition for leaf collection service, the above rules apply with the exception that the greater than 50 percent requirement is based on actual property in the proposed area rather than homes as required for trash collection service requests. Therefore, the petition signatures of more than 50 percent of the owners (not renters) of all lots in the district, including vacant property as well as lots containing houses, are required.

If a proposed area of 63 homes and 12 vacant lots (75 total) requests trash collection service only, the 63 homes must be canvassed and the required number of signatures for a functional petition must be more than 50 percent or a minimum of 32 homeowner signatures. If the same area requests trash and leaf collection service, all 75 properties must be considered, and the number of signatures must be more than 50 percent or a minimum of 38 property owners in favor of the action. (Please be advised that the Board of Supervisors may choose not to take action on any petition containing less than 55 percent concurrence).


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