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Minimum Residential Recycling Requirements

Your collector, employer and landlord are all required to provide a recycling system to you. Details about material types, collection frequency, reporting requirements, etc. can be found in Chapter 109.1 as well as the Fairfax County Recycling Program Requirements.

Fairfax County has rules regarding how waste and recycling is managed, County Code Chapter 109.1. One important component of the county’s solid waste ordinance is the requirement for residents to separate recyclables from trash for placement at the curb for collection. Both waste and recyclables are required by Chapter 109.1 to be collected weekly if you receive collection service at your residence.

Most trash and recycling collection service is provided by privately-owned trash collection companies. Sometimes, Home Owners Associations (HOAs) contract for service for the entire neighborhood, and in other areas, each homeowner is responsible for setting up service. Certain parts of the county receive waste collection service from the county. Fairfax County does NOT collect trash for all residents who live in the county. For more information, see "Does Fairfax County Pick Up My Trash?"

Please take the time to separate trash from recycling. It is easy. This page lists the minimum recycling requirements for county residents. Your service provider may collect additional materials. Contact your collection company or property manager for specific instructions.


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