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Leslie Johnson,
Zoning Administrator

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Zoning Compliance Letter

laptopA zoning compliance letter is a letter by the Zoning Administrator or agent which provides the applicable zoning of a lot, including: any approved proffered conditions, development conditions, or other zoning approvals; whether any existing development on a lot is in accordance with the Zoning Ordinance; and whether there are any pending zoning applications or zoning violations on a lot. These letters are often requested by a seller, contract purchaser, lender, Department of Motor Vehicles, or Virginia Department of Housing to obtain written verification that the property complies with zoning regulations prior to its transfer or issuance of licenses.

Additional Information

  • A request for a Zoning Compliance Letter may take up to 30 calendar days to process.
  • The application fee is $115 for each single-family lot requested and $320 for each lot requested for all other uses. Fees are paid electronically at the end of the application submission process. A service charge of 2.35% will be added to all fees paid with a credit card.
  • For Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or Virginia Department of Housing (VDH) verification forms, please upload a copy of the form as additional documentation. 
  • A request letter is required to be uploaded, which should include the specific zoning information being requested. If you would like a list of NonRUPs that have been issued, please include a tenant list in your submission.
  • When submitting in PLUS, only one parcel can be entered. However, the request letter submitted may request information on additional parcels. Staff will add the additional parcels after submittal, and additional fees may be assessed.


For additional assistance, please contact the Ordinance Administration Branch by phone at 703-324-1314 or by email.

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