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Temporary Outdoor Uses and Activities

Beginning July 1, 2021, the new submission deadline is 30 days prior to the start date of the proposed event.

Temporary outdoor uses and activities may require an Administrative Permit and a Nonresidential Use Permit. Please click on a permit section below for additional information and application submission instructions.

Community Garden

A community garden is defined as any land or rooftop area used for the cultivation of herbs, fruits, flowers, vegetables, or ornamental plants by more than one person, household, or a nonprofit organization for personal or group use, consumption, or donation. This use does not include the bona fide production of crops, animals, or fowl. 

Construction Site Office and Storage

Construction site office or storage is defined as a temporary structure, facility, or space associated with the staging, management, and security of new construction located on or adjacent to the construction site. This definition includes an office building, security building, storage buildings, construction waste and recycling receptacles, temporary sanitation facilities, employee parking areas, and areas for the storage of materials and supplies used in the actual construction of buildings on the site.

Farmers Market

A farmers market is defined as a regularly occurring market that sells farm products or value-added farm products directly to the general public. 

Model Home Sales or Leasing Office

A model home sales or leasing office is defined as a trailer or model unit that is used for the real estate sales or leasing activities of the development pending construction and the initial sales of homes or units in the development.

Portable Storage Container

A portable storage container is defined as a purpose-built, fully enclosed, box-like container that is designed for temporary storage of household goods and equipment and which has signage on one or more of its outer surfaces. These containers are uniquely designed for ease of loading to and from a transport vehicle.

Seasonal Sales Commercial

(Replaces 21 Day NonRUP)

Seasonal Sales Commercial refers to temporary stands and structures used for the retail sales of seasonal items, when located in commercially zoned areas. Examples of seasonal items may include:

  • Plant stands
  • Christmas tree stands
  • Fireworks stands
  • Pumpkin stands

Special Event

A special event is defined as a temporary outdoor activity held on private property, including, but not limited to, seasonal sales, the display of goods and merchandise associated with a retail use, community or cultural events, musical or arts events, celebrations, festivals, fairs, carnivals, and circuses.

Temporary Dwelling or Manufactured Home

A temporary dwelling or manufactured home may be allowed where a single-family detached dwelling has been destroyed or damaged by fire or other disaster to an extent that the dwelling is uninhabitable, if the destroyed or damaged dwelling is to be rebuilt or repaired.


In addition to an administrative permit from Zoning, your temporary activity or use may require a permit from other agencies. Contact information for other agencies is listed below:

If your temporary use includes: Department to contact: Contact information:
Serving Food Health Department 703-246-2444 or hdehd@fairfaxcounty.gov
Exterior Sanitation Facilities (portable toilets) Health Department 703-246-2201 or hdehd@fairfaxcounty.gov
Rides or Amusement Devices Permit Application Center 703-222-0801 (option 2) or LDSbuildingpermits@fairfaxcounty.gov
Tents over 6000 sq. ft. Permit Application Center 703-222-0801 (option 2) or LDSbuildingpermits@fairfaxcounty.gov
Tents between 900 and 6000 sq. ft. Fire Marshal 703-246-4803 or fire.revenuepermits@fairfaxcounty.gov
Propane Tanks Fire Marshal 703-246-4803 or fire.revenuepermits@fairfaxcounty.gov
Road Closures VDOT (Arlington/Fairfax Permits Section) 703-259-1773 or NOVAFairfaxPermits@VDOT.Virginia.gov
Display or Exhibition of Animals Animal Protection Police 703-691-2131 or fcpdanimalprotection@fairfaxcounty.gov


For additional assistance, please contact the Zoning Permits Section by phone at 703-222-1082 or by email.

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