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Centreville-Chantilly-Vienna-Tysons Area Bus Service Changes

The CCVT Phase 1 service changes began June 22, 2024. There are eight bus bays at the new Monument Drive Commuter Parking Garage and Transit Center.  


310, 321, 322,393, 396, 423, 432, 461, 463, 574, 605, 615, 622, 630, 642, 660, 698, 699


427, 598, 625, 651, 662, 663, 671, 672


424, 466, 621, 623, 624, 631, 632, 634, 640, 641, 650, 652, 724

Nearly all discontinued routes are modified or replaced by new service.

New Route Profiles:

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Please note:

- In many cases, Fairfax Connector customers do not have to travel all the way to the Monument Drive. There are several other locations such as the Stone Road and Stringfellow Park and Rides that an individual can transfer to routes including 660, 663, 671 (+future 670).  This will reduce their overall travel time.  

- Due to a delay in the opening of the Springfield CBC Commuter Garage, routes 310, 321, 322, 393, and 396 will operate on a detour starting on June 22 and will not serve the Springfield CBC Commuter Garage until further notice. Click here for 310 detour stops along Old Keene Mill Road.

- Please update your BusTracker alerts accordingly. 

Route Information

CCVT Phase 1 Service Changes to Begin Summer 2024

The Board of Supervisors approved Fairfax Connector service changes on January 23, 2024, that include routes along the I-66 corridor from Centreville, Chantilly, Vienna to Tysons and routes to Franconia Springfield. The benefit of this new service plan is that it allows riders to travel throughout the region more easily. By creating a transfer point at the new Monument Park-and-Ride Garage and the Springfield Community Business and Transit Center, customers can have more frequent service and more options for travel.

Past Meeting Materials

Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) held two virtual community meetings to share the proposed preferred changes to Fairfax Connector bus service to take effect in December 2024. These modifications, including the addition of two new routes, are part of Phase II of the Centreville, Chantilly, Vienna, and Tysons (CCVT), and Franconia-Springfield service adjustments. The plan aims to align bus service with current ridership demand. The routes that will be discussed: 335, 351, 352, 610 (new), 670 (new) and 921

May 14, 2024, Public Meeting

May 16, 2024, Public Meeting

Materials below were updated after the last round of CCVT community meetings in 2020. These updates became the basis for proposed changes as part of the Transit Strategic Plan. The public comment period and online survey on the TSP is now closed and transit planning staff is incorporating information received from the community into future proposed changes.

View Past Community Meetings

Our online survey closed on Dec. 9, 2020

This alternative is most similar to the current Fairfax Connector service and builds on recommendations from Fairfax Connector’s most recent Transit Development Plan (TDP). It reduces inefficient service and span of service for some routes slightly but improves frequency of service to places such as Tysons. Most routes serving Metrorail would remain oriented to the Franconia-Springfield Metrorail Station.

This alternative completely re-imagines service in the area, including service from a series of local all-day routes, “peak” (rush hour only) service to Metrorail Stations, and express route service to Tysons and the Franconia-Springfield Metrorail Stations. This alternative improves frequency, span of service, and provides new regional connections such as Vienna to Reston, Centreville to Tysons, and Chantilly to the Franconia-Springfield Metrorail Station.

The “Hybrid” alternative combines elements of existing service with new regional connections including Centreville to Tysons and Chantilly to the Franconia-Springfield Metrorail Station.

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