Clemyjontri Park

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6317 Georgetown Pike
McLean, Virginia 22101
Daston Sarmadi
Park Supervisor

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Clemyjontri Playground

Transportation areaTo the casual observer, the playground at Clemyjontri Park looks like an ordinary playground, with swings, slides and play equipment fun to climb on, under and around. A closer look will reveal that some of those swings have high backs for children who need extra support. Instead of standard transfer platforms there are ramps to the elevated play components. Pathways between equipment are wide and colorful, and the ground surfaces are non-slip and porous designed to provide a greater level of access for children.

There is something for everyone - children will be able to find something to climb on, touch, read, do or create. Children will enjoy the challenges of balance and depth perception on the playground's balance beams. A mini-track can be used to race, playhouses and cubbies offer pleasant spaces for social interaction while also allowing children seeking quiet or separate areas to play in smaller groups.

Tent sails provide areas of shade in the playground and benches are located throughout the play area. Just north of the playground is an asphalt trail that connects to site perimeter trails which will eventually encircle the park during future development.

The Two Acre Playground Consists of 4 Outdoor "Rooms" surrounding a centerpiece carousel.

The Rainbow Room

With rainbow archway, surface with colors of the rainbow and a variety of swings

Accommodates all physical levels

Integrates sign, Braille, pictures and language

Teaches colors of the rainbow

The Schoolhouse & Maze

With learning panels forming a maze that may be reconfigured

Focuses on educational learning games

Teaches where am I reading, maps and a globe

Teaches what time it is using time zones and clocks

The Movin' and Groovin' Transportation Area

Designed with transportation themed equipment such as a race track, motorcycles, planes, and trains

Stimulates imagination

Teaches balance and special skills

Mimics true roadway situations

Fitness & Fun

Includes the largest piece of play equipment along with various jungle gym components

Stimulates imagination

Progressive challenges for physical strength

Energy burner

Builds confidence

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