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Earth Day Festival Vendor/Exhibitor Information

NOTICE: Fairfax County’s 2020 Earth Day Festival will be canceled. We appreciate your support and ask for your understanding of our need to cancel at this time. With the current restrictions regarding sizes of gatherings and recommended social distancing, we feel it is necessary to put the public’s health and safety as the top priority. For those vendors that have paid fees, we will be issuing full refunds through our Registration Office. Please be patient as they are having to process many refund requests at this time.

Welcome to Fairfax County’s 2020 Earth Day Festival! We thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor/exhibitor at the 2020 Earth Day Festival on Saturday, April 25, 2020. Please read through the information below and proceed to our Vendor/Exhibitor Application form, which is linked at the bottom of the page.

List of Fees

  • Vendor/Exhibitor – Early Bird (Feb 1 thru March 1): $275
  • Vendor/Exhibitor – Regular Rate (Starting March 2nd):  $300
  • Food - $300
  • Non-Profit or Government:  $200
  • Civic or Volunteer-led – Tent Fee Only

Vendors/Exhibitors can pay an additional $110 fee for a 10x10 tent, 1 table and 2 chairs. If you provide your own tent, you must provide weights (see below for more information about criteria for tent weights.)

*No refunds will be issued after April 1, unless the Park Authority cancels the event.

Information on Tent Weight Requirements

  • Minimum of 20lbs per leg
  • Weights must be secured in a manner that does not create a safety hazard.
  • If tents, canopies, umbrellas or signs are NOT adequately secured, we will require the Vendor/Exhibitor to take them down.
  • Examples of sufficient and safe weights include:
    • Filling an empty paint can with cement and tying this to each corner of the tent with a rope or bungee long enough for the weight to sit on the ground. It is NOT sufficient to place the can on the feet of the tent.
    • Filing containers, such as canvas bags or plastic buckets/containers that have a handle through which a rope or bungee can be secured, with sand/cement that can be anchored or secured with a rope or bungee long enough for the weight to sit on the ground.
    • PVC pipe capped and filled with cement can be secured to the inside of canopy poles as long as it is cannot collide with customers and the base rests on the ground.
  • All tents will be inspected to ensure the safety of all participants.

Acceptable Containers for Use by Vendors/Exhibitors

Acceptable Containers and Service Ware

Non-Acceptable Containers and Service

All paper containers including plates, bowls,
cups, etc. Waxed paper products, where
you can scratch off the coating with your
fingernail, are acceptable.

All Styrofoam (polystyrene) products. These are
not recyclable, regardless of what your suppliers
may tell you and despite any symbols on the
product. Plastic-coated paper products, where
the coating won’t scratch off, are not

#2 and #5 plastic cups (paper, potato
starch, or corn starch cups preferred)

All other numbers of plastic, including #1 and
#6, or unmarked plastic products.

#2 and #5 plastic deli cups (paper, potato
starch, or corn starch cups preferred)

Other plastic deli cups (even small ones for
salsa or syrup, etc), including # 1, #4 & #6.
Single-use condiment pouches.

Paper lids

Plastic lids

Paper bags Plastic bags

Potato starch or corn starch cutlery
(spoons, forks, knives, straws)

Plastic cutlery

Potato starch or corn starch lids

Plastic straws

Waxed paper products


Aluminum foil

Plastic wrap

Aluminum cans


Glass bottles


Plastic water bottles (#1, #2 & #5 only)


Paper milk/juice cartons and drink boxes

Drink pouches

Paper napkins and paper towels


Environmental Passports

Attendees will have the opportunity to check-in at participating vendors/exhibitors throughout the event with the chance to win donated prizes. Vendors/Exhibitors participating will be given a “Take Action for a Healthy Planet” sign to display at their booth. Vendor/Exhibitor participation requires an engaging activity or educational outreach at the booth and no direct product sales.

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