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Early Detection and Rapid Response

The Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) program finds new populations of certain invasive species through methodical surveys and then eradicates them before they cause serious ecological harm in county parks. The program adds information to Early Detection and Distribution (EDD) maps that track invasive species across the country. EDRR volunteers work under the direction of a volunteer survey leader, and they can work in a park near their home. This volunteer-led program gives people with botanical knowledge an opportunity to connect with each other and a chance to give back to the community by protecting the county's bountiful natural resources. Volunteers need to have some experience identifying local native and invasive species.

Volunteer survey leaders:  

  • Hold at least 11 survey events a year
  • Record and document new invasive species populations
  • Eradicate these populations when necessary
  • Add to the EDD maps database

For information or to join EDRR, call 703-324-8750.

The Invasive Management Area Program

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