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Leisure Coaching and Inclusion Support

How does the program work?

Leisure Coaches (LC) are seasonal staff (Special Education majors, teachers, or instructional assistants) who’s primary role is to implement the customer’s accommodation plan (a detailed plan of needs and strategies). This plan is developed, shared and signed off by the parent/guardian after the start of the program and typically includes information from the customer profile form, behavioral and transitional supports, activity modifications and/or adaptations. The LC also provides training for instructors or camp leaders on how to implement reasonable accommodations (team effort!). Please Note: While the Inclusion Coordinator will make every effort to locate an LC to support your request, finding coverage is not an exact science. Please bear with us as every effort will be made to ensure coverage.

What is the goal of the Leisure Coaching program?

The goal is to provide customers with disabilities a successful recreation experience in the least restrictive environment (the general recreation environment versus disability only type camps; or the RECPAC Targeted Inclusion camp sites – already supported by additional Inclusion Staff) while working towards independent leisure participation.

Eligibility Requirements

All customers must be able to meet the FCPA Code of Conduct. The ADA/Inclusion Coordinator will review the customer’s accommodation needs and the profile form before determining the need for the placement of an LC to help facilitate a successful experience. In addition to the profile form, factors can include feedback from the parent, classroom teacher or group home staff. Advanced notice is preferred to ensure appropriate communication is attained throughout the system. Customers with disabilities participating in the self-contained programs (disability only) are not eligible to receive the LC service.

FCPA Code of Conduct

  • Must be able to maintain personal care without support of FCPA staff or FCPA volunteers (parents can provide personal care assistance if needed)
  • Stay with their assigned group
  • Respect others (listening and following directions; using appropriate language; keeping hands and feet to self)
  • Maintain self-control (anger management)
  • Meet the prerequisites for the program (age and other if required for participation)

How long can I expect to receive the support of a leisure coach?

Classes: An LC can provide support for one class session per seasonal Partakes brochure. Allowances will be made for consecutive sessions within a given season i.e., Swim I and then Swim II.

Camps: An LC can provide support for a maximum 3 out of 5 days for a weekly camp session. For kids enrolled in multiple camps, an LC can assist with the transition phase for additional camp weeks conditioned on the ability to demonstrate a reasonable chance for independent participation. Under the ADA, parents/guardians have the right to provide their own support (aide, therapist, or parent) upon departure of the LC. An LC can return to camp to help problem solve incidents or unexpected issues that may have developed during their absence from the program

What if My Child Requires 1:1 Support to Participate in Camp?

Parents always have the right to provide their own support under the Americans with Disabilities Act. FCPA will not provide direct support for additional camp weeks (up to 3 of 5 days) if the customer has previously demonstrated the inability to participate in camp independently, meaning the customer cannot meet the code of conduct without the support of an LC. Consideration will be given to alternative camp settings/environments.


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