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Gum Springs Trail Project

Gum Springs Trail Concept Site MapThe Fairfax County Park Authority is in the process of designing a future Gum Springs Trail that will provide access to the tidal wetlands area adjacent to Little Hunting Creek from the nearby Martin Luther King, Jr. Park. The trail will begin on the western side of the playground and include a paved asphalt trail transitioning to a boardwalk ending with an observation platform within the wetlands. The total length of the trail will be approximately 642 linear feet.

Project Status

The Park Authority has developed the conceptual design of the project. Prior to the conceptual design, the Park Authority also completed cultural resource studies required to ensure the preservation of natural, cultural, and historical resources that exist in the area as well as for assistance in considering interpretive signage to support the educational and outreach objectives of the Park Authority.

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Milestones in the Development Process

This will be a multi- year project given the requirement for both local and federal permitting review. The following is intended as a very high-level guide to the general steps of the development process with approximated times.

  • Wetlands and Cultural Resource Studies (completed Summer 2023)
  • Conceptual Design Development and Public Feedback (Fall 2023)
    • Community Project Briefing and Trail Walk (held Nov. 18, 2023)
  • Obtaining Federal and Local Permits (Begin Winter of 2023-2024; process may take approximately 12 – 18 months)
  • Begin Construction (anticipated for Spring 2025)

* Please note that the timeframes above are provided as a guide. Timeframes are approximated based on past experience with similar projects; these are not guaranteed and may change due to a number of circumstances.

Project Resources

Conceptual Design: Trail Alignment


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