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Woodlands Stewardship Education Center

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The philosophy of stewardship and education has been crucial in the planning and development of the Woodlands Stewardship Education Center. The region encompasses 4,400 acres and 43 parks with specific-use zones, such as community-serving recreation space and resource-stewardship areas, that were designated in each park. The Sully Woodlands Regional Masterplan was approved in 2006.  The masterplan recommends an interpretive center to educate the public about natural and cultural stewardship. 

The careful and responsible management of FCPA’s natural and cultural resources provides a unique opportunity for active and interactive educational experiences. To support this vision, the Park Authority is proposing to develop the Woodlands Stewardship Education Center. The proposed facility is to be a state-of-the-art interpretive center to provide educational services, and core facilities to allow the space to be rented to the public. The project will be located at Ellanor C. Lawrence Park in Sully Woodlands. 

To align with the sustainable mission and goals of the Park Authority, the project will be designed to meet the rigorous sustainable design standards of the Living Building Challenge and be one of only a few facilities in the region that will meet these standards. 

Vision Statement:

Healthy Landscapes Ensure Healthy Communities

Mission Statement:

To provide orientation to the natural and cultural resources and engage the public in stewardship through education and action.


  • AWARENESS AND ENGAGEMENT WITH NATURE: Inform the community on stewardship actions the FCPA is taking to preserve and protect natural and cultural resources.
  • EDUCATION AND STEWARDSHIP: Through the use of hands-on activities and instructor-led presentations, educate on actions community members can take to help ensure their personal health through healthy landscapes, buildings, and practices in the built environment.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: The Living Building Challenge defines the framework for operational, cultural, and environmental design goals for the facility.  All aspects – structure, design, systems, materials, and operations of the center itself – will be used to teach the principles of stewardship for resources and healthy choices in use of water, energy, site use, and building methods.
  • EQUITY: FCPA is committed to providing educational outreach to all residents of the county and to promote social equity, diversity, and inclusiveness in Fairfax County.

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