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Curbside Recycling

Special pick-up delayed

Please be advised that we are are running one day behind on special pick-ups (brush and bulk). Please continue to place your special pick-up at the curb on your scheduled collection day so that we can collect when collection crews are able to come through your neighborhood. If you have a private hauler, please contact your hauler.

Thank you for your continued support of our program.

The collection of cardboard placed outside of the county recycle cart resumed Monday, June 29, 2020. Details ->

Covid-19 Curbside Collection Changes Details ->

This information applies to COUNTY collection customers who receive trash and recycling collection from Fairfax County Government, about ten percent (10%) of residents and businesses in Fairfax County. If you receive services from a PRIVATE collector, contact them directly for information.
Unsure if you are a county collection customer? Visit "Who Picks Up My Trash map."

Make the most of recycling

Here are some simple rules to follow to avoid contamination and to make sure your recycling is put to good future use.

  • Place all recyclable materials in the blue recycling cart. 
  • Rinse and remove any remaining food or liquid contents from your recyclables.
  • It is important to recycle as much as possible, however, some items go in the trash, including broken household goods
  • NO glass, NO plastic bags, NO takeout containers, NO diapers, NO pizza boxes, NO Styrofoam, NO packaging peanuts, NO Clamshell containers either Styrofoam™ or clear plastic
  • Un-bagged in the cart – NO need to collect your recyclables using plastic bags. This makes it harder to process.  Place recyclables loose in the cart!  Recycle plastic bags at the grocery store.

Report Missed Collection

Please do not report a missed collection until late in the day. In many cases crews are simply delayed. Requests to empty dumpsters are also accepted.

Call 703-802-3322, TTY 711 or

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Recycling Container Request

Report a damaged or missing trash or recycling container:  

Call 703-802-3322, TTY 711 or

Submit Online Form

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