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SNAP at Fairfax County Farmers Markets

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We match SNAP benefits up to $30, so you can purchase more fruits and vegetables for less!

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, connects citizens in need to fresh, local foods. Select Fairfax County Farmers Markets offer a SNAP matching program as an incentive to shoppers. Customers can charge their EBT cards at the SNAP Information Table and match the amount up to $30 to purchase extra fruits and vegetables. We currently have SNAP programs at our McCutcheon/Mount Vernon, Wakefield, Annandale, Reston and Lorton locations. Volunteers run the SNAP booths where customers swipe their EBT cards to redeem tokens to spend at the market.

SNAP at FCPA Farmers Markets

Use your SNAP benefits at select Farmers Markets and get up to $30 dollars of additional fruits and vegetables for FREE. Come to the SNAP information tent to swipe your EBT card in exchange for tokens. Use your tokens like cash, but only at the Market at which they were purchased. Tokens never expire.

Where to find SNAP Matching:

McCutcheon/Mount Vernon
Wednesday Mornings

April 20 - December 21
8 a.m. - Noon
Sherwood Library,
2501 Sherwood Hall Lane

Thursday Mornings

May 5 - November 3
8 a.m. - Noon 
Mason District Park,
6621 Columbia Pike

Saturday Mornings

April 30 - December 3
8 a.m. - Noon
Lake Anne Village Center,
1609-A Washington Plaza
Parking Information

Wednesday Afternoons

May 3 - October 25
2 - 6 p.m.
Audrey Moore Rec Center,
8100 Braddock Road

Sunday Mornings

May 1 - November 20
9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
VRE parking lot,
8990 Lorton Station Blvd.

Register for SNAP Benefits

How to use SNAP at Markets

  1. SWIPE: Bring your EBT card to the SNAP information table at the Mt. Vernon, Wakefield, Annandale, Reston or Lorton farmers markets. Choose the amount you would like to charge to your card, and staff will help you swipe your card and enter your pin.
  2. MATCH: You will receive additional tokens matching the value charged to your EBT card up to $30. For example, a $10 transaction will result in $10 in SNAP tokens and $10 in matching fruit and vegetable tokens. SNAP tokens can be used to purchase SNAP-eligible items. 'Matching' tokens can only be used for fruits & vegetables.
  3. SHOP: Use your tokens like cash. Vendors cannot give change for tokens, so work with vendors to make whole-dollar-amount purchases. If you do not spend all of your tokens, hang on to them and bring them back next week - they do not expire. *You must use your tokens at the location they were purchased.*

What can I buy with my SNAP tokens?

  • SNAP tokens can be used to purchase SNAP-eligible items such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, vegetable starts and breads.

Snap Eligible Items: fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, vegetable starts

  • The "Match" tokens can only be used to purchase fruits and vegetables.
“We're able to grow our own herbs with plants purchased through SNAP at the Lorton Farmers Market. The vendors there have lots of helpful information about plant care and healthy eating. We look forward to regular visits with them to buy our fruits and vegetables.” – Anonymous SNAP customer
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