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Community Use Area Guidelines

Community Use Areas

The Fairfax County Park Authority welcomes members of the public to use its parks for engaging in expressive activities protected by the First Amendment. Expressive activities in public forums are subject to reasonable time, place, and manner regulations that are content-neutral in their application and leave open ample alternative channels for expressive activities.

During special events, whether held as a private reservation or hosted by the Park Authority, it is the practice of the Park Authority to designate Community Use Areas (CUAs) to ensure the right to engage in expressive activities protected by the First Amendment while preserving the safe and orderly operation of the event.

Activities undertaken within the CUAs must comply with the following guidelines to prevent disruption of customer enjoyment, damage to public property, and to preserve public safety.


  1. The CUA is first-come first-served. Space is limited.
  2. Each individual/ group may use a space of up to 10’ x 10’ within the CUA as space allows.
  3. Signs may not exceed 4’x4’ in dimension. Signs may not be attached to trees or interfere in any way with pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
  4. Activity including the posting of signs and engaging with the public must be kept within the boundary of the CUA.
  5. The FCPA will not provide equipment of any kind (e.g., chairs, tables, tents, etc.).
  6. All sales, soliciting, and/or collecting donations, monetary or otherwise requires a permit obtained from the FCPA by visiting the Park Use Permits webpage.
  7. Loudspeakers, public address systems or amplified sound systems of any kind are prohibited.
  8. Abusive and threatening language or behavior is prohibited.
  9. The following items are prohibited within the Community Use Area:
    1. Firearms as set forth in Virginia Code §18.2-287.4; and
    2. Any bat, shield, pole, brick, stone, rock, piece of asphalt or concrete, knife, hatchet, ax, saw, slingshot, blackjack, metal knuckles, mace, metal buckle, chain, crowbar, hammer, club, bludgeon, or other such item that may be used as a weapon.

FCPA works respectfully with CUA participants to achieve compliance with these guidelines. Repeated violations may result in dismissal and/or ban from the site.

Community Use Area Maps

The FCPA has designated CUAs at the following Farmers Markets and Summer Entertainment Series venues. Select an event from the list below for the location of the CUA.

Farmers Markets CUA Maps

These areas have been designated at the eight market locations held on public property, excluding Reston and Kingstowne markets, which are hosted on private property.

Concert Venues CUA Maps

Posting Signs at FCPA Sites

Signs placed in designated display areas at Fairfax County Park Authority Sites and Facilities must comply with Policy 405 in the Park Authority Policy Manual.

(405.2) Signs in the Sign Display Area

  • Location: The Park Authority identifies areas in parks where the public may post or display signs. Typically, these areas are located within 20 feet of the park’s primary entrance sign.
  • Signs must be no larger than 4 square feet in size, and the height of any sign is limited to 4 feet.
  • Space per message is limited to 16 square feet.
  • No sign may block site lines, interfere with ingress or egress, or otherwise interrupt or compromise the safety of park services and programs.
  • No sign may be posted on trees or appended to branches.
  • Signs that do not comply with this policy will be removed. The Park Authority will remove all signs on the first Monday of each month or next business day of every month when the Monday falls on a holiday.

First Amendment Signage Areas at FCPA Sites and Facilities

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