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Community Use Areas

Community Use Areas

The Park Authority welcomes members of the public to use its parks for engaging in expressive activities. To maximize the availability of the parks to all users and to promote community safety, the Park Authority has set aside Community Use Areas at its farmers markets and near its concert and summer entertainment venues.

The Fairfax County Park Authority has established Community Use Areas where individuals, nonprofits and other community groups may conduct non-commercial expressive activities. This online guide can assist in locating the Community Use Areas and understanding the rules governing the Community Use Areas.

First Amendment Signage Areas at FCPA Sites and Facilities

Community Use Area Rules

The following rules have been established to ensure that park functions will not be interrupted:  

  • The Community Use Areas are not reserved, and space is available on a first come, first served basis. You can view the maps of specific areas below.
  • Each individual or small group may set up a table in the designated space. Please bring your own tables, chairs, tents, and other equipment. Any such equipment must be removed within one hour after the site closes.
  • No more than five people are permitted in one Community Use Area space generally. Please contact 703-324-8662 for specific information.
  • Signs may not be larger than 4’ X 4’ and may not be appended to trees, prevent access to the sites, or interfere in any way with pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
  • The following items are prohibited within the Community Use Area:
    • (a) Firearms as set forth in Virginia Code § 18.2-287.4; or
    • (b) Any bat, shield, pole, brick, stone, rock, piece of asphalt or concrete, knife, hatchet, ax, saw, slingshot, blackjack, metal knuckles, mace, metal buckle, chain, crowbar, hammer, club, bludgeon, or other such item that may be used as a weapon. 
  • No amplified sound is permitted.
  • The Community Use Areas are reserved for individuals, community groups, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. The areas are not intended for business transactions.

Questions about FCPA Farmers Markets | 703-642-0128

Questions about Community Use Areas in FCPA parks | 703-324-8700

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