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Scout Service Projects

The Fairfax County Park Authority receives numerous requests annually for scout projects. FCPA has established the following Scout Project Guidelines to help a scout candidate propose a volunteer project that benefits county residents, the scout, and the Fairfax County Park Authority.  


1. The scout must submit a project proposal at least four months before the scout’s 18th birthday. The Park Authority generally does not accept projects with emergency deadlines due to a scout's impending 18th birthday. 

2. The scout is prepared to act in a professional manner in communications (phone calls, meetings, e-mails, etc.) with the Scout Project Coordinator.

3. The proposed project is of a scope and level that can be accomplished by the scout and their crew. Complicated projects that require too much adult participation or have safety issues will be rejected.

4. The scout has read the appropriate scout organization guidance thoroughly (Eagle, Gold, Stars and Stripes or other scout workbook). The scout must read and sign the Fairfax County Park Authority Scout Project Agreement.

Park staff will review these guidelines with the scout to address any questions the scout may have regarding the Park Authority’s expectations. Please note that The Fairfax County Park Authority Project Coordinators have other official duties that take priority over scout projects. Scout project meetings must be arranged around the park staff’s schedule.

Project Selection

The Park Authority welcomes and encourages project proposals from individual scouts. The feasibility of proposals is judged on a case-by-case basis to determine if the project is a benefit to the Park Authority and the community and if it meets Park Authority standards.

Scouts can use the Beautification Checklist as a basis for finding areas of need at their chosen park. The scout must initiate a meeting with park staff to present a proposal or to discuss project ideas listed in the County’s online Volunteer Management System (VMS). Only park sites that are accepting project proposals will have listings in VMS.

There are also scout project opportunities in Group Volunteer Listings. Those lists display general types of projects that are accepted at sites. These potential projects are consistent with projects that staff members have overseen in the past. Please note that the listing of a project does not mean that staff has specific locations where this type of work is needed or desired. Ultimately, it is up to the scout to identify where this work can be done. See a list of ineligible projects.

Applying through VMS allows scouts to attach a project proposal to an online application. After receiving the proposal, the volunteer coordinator for the specified park will contact the scout to arrange a meeting time to discuss the proposed project(s).

Scout proposals should include this information:

  • Name
  • Contact phone numbers
  • Contact emails
  • Target project start date
  • Target project end date
  • Section of the county or specific park for the project
  • Type of project: History, Recreation, Nature, Trail work, Building, Habitat restoration, Education.
  • Details of the project (may include Beautification Checklist)

Scouts working on a park project


Scout Service Projects are valuable and an important part of incorporating community involvement, personal and professional growth, and overall good citizenship into a participating scout's life. The Fairfax County Park Authority is pleased to participate in useful and worthwhile scout projects.

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