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Christopher J. Falcon
Clerk of the Court

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Circuit Court

The Virginia circuit court system includes 31 judicial circuits with 120 separate circuit courts in the various counties and cities of the Commonwealth. The Supreme Court of Virginia establishes the rules of practice and procedure for the circuit courts, and the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court serves as the administrator of the circuit court system.

Clerk of Circuit Court

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is a constitutional officer elected to an eight-year term by voters. The Clerk handles administrative matters for the Court and also has authority to probate wills, grant administration of estates, and appoint guardians. The Clerk is the custodian of the Court’s records, and the Clerk’s Office is where marriage licenses are issued and deeds are recorded.

  • Christopher J. Falcon - Clerk of the Circuit Court, Fairfax
  • Nettie M. White - Deputy Director, Chief Deputy
  • Laura E. Stokes - Chief Deputy


A Circuit Court judge is elected for an eight-year term by a majority vote of both houses of the General Assembly. If the General Assembly is not in session when a vacancy occurs, the Governor may temporarily appoint a judge (interim appointment) to serve until the General Assembly meets again and can elect a judge for a full term.

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