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February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

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February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month



Dating violence is a pattern of harmful behaviors that can be used to exert power and control over a dating partner. This can happen in different ways, including physical violence, emotional and verbal violence, sexual violence, financial control and digital violence. Many teens experience some form of intimate partner violence even before graduating from high school.

The purpose of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month is to raise public awareness about the impact of dating violence on youth, educate young people about healthy relationships, and encourage the community to get involved to disrupt cycles of violence among teens. 

Learn more about teen dating violence. To stay on top of teen dating violence awareness events happening in Fairfax County this year, check out the Awareness + Action = Social Change campaign. For social media posts, go to the Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month Community Engagement Toolkit.

man and woman wearing orangeOrange Out for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2024 

Orange Out to raise awareness about Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. 

Who’s Blaming Victims and Why?

woman sitting alone in dark roomVictim blaming happens when a victim or survivor of sexual violence is held partially or completely responsible for the harm they experienced. It is a symptom of rape culture, in which our society minimizes the severity of sexual violence and normalizes attitudes and beliefs that defend acts of sexual violence. Victims of other violent crimes or health crises do not have to explain what they did to become victimized, but victims of sexual violence are too often forced to defend their actions leading up to an experience of sexual violence. This contributes to an environment where survivors who share their stories are blamed, disbelieved, and shamed.

Have questions or need help?

  • Domestic and Sexual Violence 24-Hour Hotline 703-360-7273
  • Domestic Violence Action Center 703-246-4573 
  • Domestic and Sexual Violence Services Main Office 703-324-5730 
  • If the threat is immediate, call 911.

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