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Off-Leash Dog Parks

Dogs at dog parkThe Fairfax County Park Authority has always welcomed leashed dogs in all of its parks. Now, for owners of well-mannered canines who enjoy a good run or a friendly romp, there's the additional option of dog parks - fenced areas where unleashed dogs can have free play. At present, there are nine established dog parks. Additional off-leash dog areas are in the planning stage.

All of the dog parks are public/private partnerships, developed in cooperation with sponsoring organizations of pet owners. The sponsors are the agency's liaison between users and local residents, Animal Control and the Police Department. They monitor and clean up the facilities, publicize dog park rules and regulations, and report maintenance needs to the Park Authority.

Users of off-leash dog areas do so at their own risk. Neither Fairfax County nor the Fairfax County Park Authority shall be liable for any injury or damage caused by any dog in the off-leash area.

Operating Hours are 7 a.m. to one half-hour after sunset Monday through Friday. On weekends and federal holidays, the hours are 8 a.m. to one half-hour after sunset.


Baron Cameron

11300 Baron Cameron Avenue, Reston

Established: September 2001
Capacity: 35 dogs (28 Large / 7 Small)
Special Features: Water supply and separate area for small dogs (under 25 lbs.)


Blake Lane

10033 Blake Lane, Oakton

Established: June 2000
Capacity: 25 dogs



900 Palmer Drive, Herndon

Established: January 2003
Capacity: 47 dogs (43 Large / 4 Small)
Special Features: Water supply and separate area for small dogs (under 25 lbs.)


Dulles Station Community Park

13707 Sayward Blvd, Herndon

Capacity: 18 dogs
Special Features: Water supply, shade pavilion


Grist Mill

4710 Mt. Vernon Memorial Hwy, Alexandria

Established: April 2006
Capacity: 64 dogs
Special Features: Water supply


 Lenclair Park

6725 Lenclair Street, Alexandria

Established:October 2014
Capacity: 46 dogs
Special Features: Water supply


Mason District

Intersection of Alpine Drive and Pinecrest Parkway, Annandale

Established: June 2002
Capacity: 62 dogs


Rock Hill District Park (Originally Quinn Farm)

15150 Old Lee Rd., Chantilly

Established: March 2006
Capacity: 90 dogs (80 large/10 small)
Special Features: Separate area for small dogs (under 25 lbs.)


South Run

7550 Reservation Drive, Springfield

Established: December 2001
Capacity: 85 dogs



6801 Fort Hunt Rd., Alexandria

Established: November 2012
Capacity: 82 dogs
Special Features: Water supply and when the large area of the dog park is closed due to wet conditions or maintenance, the small area only has a capacity of 26 dogs

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