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Aquatics - Guidelines for Class Placement

Park Authority’s swim class prerequisites are designed to assist in finding the appropriate level. Please note that in the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim program, diving board skills are introduced at Level V. Those individuals who wish to focus on developing diving board skills rather than swimming proficiency should consider taking Springboard Diving-beginning. Finding the right match is the best way to guarantee your progress, safety and enjoyment.

Repetition can be the key to learning
Each student progresses at a different speed in learning aquatic skills. This is dependent on a number of factors including class attendance, coordination development, water familiarity and outside practice. A child’s stage of development may influence his or her ability to learn aquatic skills. Students often repeat a level several times before mastering the skills required for advancement. It is important to understand that repeating a level does not constitute failure. Mastering skills takes time, practice and patience.

Combining course levels
When enrollment is low, course levels may be combined to avoid class cancellations. If you have any questions about your progress or your child’s, please ask the instructor.

Find the class that is right for you or your child!

For safety reasons and to ensure that customers get the maximum benefits from aquatic programs, the Park Authority reserves the right to remove students from an inappropriate class and place them, when possible, in a class that better matches their ability level. If you have questions on which class is right for you or your child, PLEASE check with the aquatic staff at any RECenter.

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