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An order of publication can be published in any newspaper that has been authorized by this Court to print legal notices and publications in accordance with §8.01-324 of the Code of Virginia.

An order of publication must be published in a newspaper prescribed by the court pursuant to §8.01-317 of the Code of Virginia. The Washington Times has been authorized by the Fairfax Circuit Court to print orders of publication. The Washington Times has a regular schedule when they come to the Courthouse to pick up publications. The number of times that the publication must appear in the newspaper is prescribed by statute.

Publication Fees

  • Washington Times - $30.00
    • Note: Juvenile Appeal Cases - $55.00
    • Payable to the Washington Times

If additional fees are required by the Washington Times, the newspaper will bill the complainant or attorney.  All rates are subject to change.

For publication in other newspapers, the Court will process the order of publication documentation, but the complainant or attorney is responsible for making arrangements with the newspaper and having the documentation delivered to the newspaper.


Required Documentation

  • Original order of publication
  • Affidavit notarized by complainant or complainant's attorney. The affidavit must state the following:
    • The individual is a non-resident of Virginia, or
    • The individual cannot be found, that due diligence has been used without effect to ascertain the location of the party to be served, or
    • The individual cannot be served with court process and that a return has been filed by the Sheriff which shows that the process has been in his/her hands for twenty-one (21) days and the Sheriff has been unable to make service.
  • An envelope addressed to the individual being served by publication at the last known address, if one is known.
  • A completed, certified mail receipt or registered mail receipt and appropriate fees for such mailing (see Civil Fees).
  • One (1) copy of the pleading to be served by publication.

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