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The Fairfax County Park Authority Board endorsed the Park Authority Pickleball Study Report at their regular meeting on December 8, 2021. The report will serve as a guiding document for Park Authority pickleball site planning criteria, design, and operations of pickleball facilities. The full final report including the survey appendix can be accessed at the link below.

Final Pickleball Study Report


The comprehensive study, which began in 2020, was conducted by a cross-divisional Park Authority team and engaged with the local pickleball stakeholder groups. The study utilized the results from a countywide survey asking participants to provide information about their preferences when playing pickleball and input about best practices and facility needs. The public input received throughout the study coupled with this in-depth research, benchmarking, and analysis informed the findings and recommendations in the Pickleball Study Report. 

Some of the study’s recommendations are listed below:

  • Existing shared use pickleball courts sharing a central tennis net (one on one) should be updated to the recommended (two on one) layout with movable nets as recommended in this report. Converting these existing courts will create several locations with four pickleball courts to better facilitate group play. 
  • Using future park bonds and other funding sources, consider the design and construction of at least two pickleball-only facilities suitable for large group drop-in play and tournaments (six or more courts). Dedicated tennis court/s that are determined to be underutilized or shared-use courts that are primarily used for pickleball within the Park Authority’s inventory should be prioritized for conversion to a dedicated pickleball complex prior to considering building a new complex. 
  • Use the County’s existing public court inventory to create pickleball opportunities as part of ongoing maintenance efforts. 
  • Plan for pickleball in new locations through the park master planning process. 



The study report has been endorsed by the Park Authority Board and the study is complete. Pickleball court opportunities and future developments will continue to be posted and coordinated with stakeholders.


For further information, please contact Adam Wynn ( 

To find pickleball courts, please use our Park Locator online map.  Turn on the “Pickleball Lined Court” filter to see which parks have a tennis or basketball court lined for pickleball.


Comments regarding the Pickleball Study can be emailed here.

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