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Trail Rules

Park Authority employees and authorized volunteer staff have been trained and are obligated to enforce these rules and regulations. Failure to abide by these rules may also result in violators being ejected from the park immediately and prohibited from future use of park property, facilities or services.



  1. Park trails are open to all forms of non-motorized transportation unless otherwise posted, except for horses, which may only be ridden or driven in designated areas.
  2. Pedestrians have the right-of-way on trails unless otherwise posted.
  3. Bicycles, in-line skaters and other "wheeled" travelers must yield to hikers.
  4. Downhill traffic must yield to uphill traffic.
  5. Assemblies of more than 25 persons and competitions on trails require the express written permission of the Park Authority.
  6. Proper control must be maintained at all times. Speed should be restricted to safe levels appropriate for existing trail conditions.
  7. Faster users should pass on left and announce their intention before passing.
  8. Trail users must stay on existing designated trails.
  9. Avoid single-tracks when raining or muddy; traffic on wet trails causes damage.
  10. Do not disturb vegetation or wildlife.
  11. Trails and parks close at dark.
  12. Call 911 in an emergency.
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