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Virginia Freedom of Information Act

The Fairfax County Park Authority complies fully with Virginia's Freedom of Information Act (VFOIA). Citizens are welcome to request documents directly from the agency or a specific division. The Park Authority will gladly provide any documentation which is releasable under the statute in the timeframes permitted under the law. All FOIA requests are administered by the Park Authority Public Information Office in cooperation with the County Attorney's Office, as needed, and the specific division or section. See also the Fairfax County Office of Public Affairs VFOIA web page.

The delivery of physical mail to the Park Authority may be delayed due to safety precautions that Virginia has implemented to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. You may complete an online FOIA Request Form and submit to All inquiries may also be sent via email to

You may call the Public Information Office directly at 703-324-8662 during regular business hours, fax a request in at 703-324-3974 or send a request to

VFOIA starts from the presumption that all government records and meetings are open and available to the public. A record cannot be withheld and a meeting cannot be closed unless a specific exemption applies, or unless some other statute in Virginia law applies (§2.2-3700)

Getting a public record

Any Virginia citizen can ask to look at government records or to ask for copies of them in any medium the public body itself uses. This includes e-mail. You do not have to cite FOIA when you ask, the request does not have to be in writing and you do not have to tell the government why you want access to the record. You may want to write down your request anyway, as this will help both you and the government keep track of the request. Requests should be as specific as possible. Public officials are required to make reasonable efforts to reach an agreement over requests. (§2.2-3704)

When the park Authority gets a FOIA request, it has five days to respond to you, by either giving you the entire record, withholding the entire record, giving you part of the record, informing you that the record sought could not be located or does not exist, or letting you know that it will take another seven days to fulfill the request. If any part of the record is withheld, the Park Authority must tell you exactly which FOIA exemption or other statute justifies the denial. The agency is not compelled to create a new record where one doesn't already exist. (§2.2-3704)

The Park Authority can charge for the actual, reasonable cost of responding to your request. Allowable charges include locating, copying and providing the responsive records. You can ask the government to itemize in advance approximately how much your request will cost. The government may ask you to make a deposit if the estimate is over $200. (§2.2-3704)

E-Mail Subscriptions

By providing your email and thereby agreeing to receive emails from Fairfax County, please know that your contact information is protected from release under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (VFOIA) and your information will not be shared unless you specifically tell us otherwise. Should you wish for your contact information to be released in response to a FOIA request, please fill out the below form: 

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