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Appointments for Protective Orders / Family Abuse

Bring with you to the appointment -

What happens During the appointment -

  • While you wait for your appointment, you will be asked to provide basic information on an Intake Sheet. 
  • You will meet with an Intake Counselor and tell them what has been happening to you and/or your children.  As you go through your list of incidents, the counselor will ask questions, take notes, and fill out the proper forms for you. 
  • Once the forms are typed, you will read through them and swear, under oath, that the information is true.  Tell the counselor if you have trouble reading or understanding English.  You cannot swear that the information is true unless you understand the information on the forms.  You will sign the statement and, if an interpreter assisted you during the appointment, he or she will also sign.
  • If you request a Preliminary Protective Order (PPO) -
    • in writing (affidavit) - While you wait, the counselor takes your request to a judge to be signed. You do not talk with a judge on this day--just the counselor. 
    • in person (hearing) - You will appear in front of a judge during a 2:45pm hearing (available only for appointments scheduled before 1:00pm)  
    • The judge must determine that you are in danger and either grant or deny the PPO.  You will be provided with a signed copy of either the PPO or a denial order. 
  • A full hearing on the Petition for a Protective Order will automatically be scheduled within 15 days. The date of this hearings will be written on your copy of the PPO or denial order. 
  • The counselor then tells you what happens at the full hearing on the Petition, how to prepare for that hearing, and what information to bring with you. At this hearing, the judge will decide whether to grant you an order including some or all of what you have requested in your petition. The judge may also decide to continue the case, dismiss the case, or to deny your request altogether.
  • Note: If you do not attend this hearing, the preliminary protective order becomes null and void that day.
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