Supervised Visitation and Exchange

Fairfax County, Virginia

CONTACT INFORMATION: 9:30am - 5:30pm

TTY 711

4000 Chain Bridge Rd
Fairfax, VA 22030

Lori Wymore-Kirkland,
Program Manager

Department Resources

Accessing the Supervised Visitation & Exchange (Stronger Together) Program

To access the Supervised Visitation & Exchange (Stronger Together) Program:

  1. Your family must have a Fairfax County Court Order allowed access to services
  2. Each party calls 703-246-4642 and provides contact information including email and court order number
  3. After contact information is received, a case manager will be assigned
  4. Each parent will have separate intakes and orientations
  5. The child/children will have an orientation appointment
  6. Each case is reviewed to ensure services will be within program guidelines
  7. Fees are assigned on a sliding scale-basis
  8. Case managers work with parents to set a visitation schedule that is acceptable to all parties
  9. Visitation or Exchange services begin two to three weeks after initial contact with the program.
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