Hidden Pond Nature Center

Fairfax County, Virginia

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Mike McCaffrey,

Hidden Pond Nature Center Scouting Adventures

Click the links below to download requirements and pre-work information for merit badges offered at this site:

Boy Scout gives a thumbs up to his volunteer project.Hidden Pond Nature Center offers scout programs for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and American Heritage Girls. 

Reservations are required. Use the Availability Calendar to request a reservation.

Request programs from the list below.

Call the park office to schedule a visit. 703-451-9588

For any issues or questions about the availability calendar, please contact Michelle Alexander at michelle.alexander@fairfaxcounty.gov

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Hidden Pond Scout Program Information


  • $5 per scout for one hour
  • $8 per scout for 1.5 hours
  • $10 per scout for two hours
  • There is a minimum charge for 12 scouts.
  • Request a campfire for an additional $20 for the 12-scout minimum plus $2 more for each additional scout.
  • Campfires are offered April 1-October 31.
To request a program date, call the park or use the online Availability Calendar link at the top of the page.
Please note that we may be unable to accommodate requests made less than two weeks prior to the program date.

Boy Scout Programs Available

 Elective Adventure - Sky Is the Limit
 Adventures - Tigers in the Wild, Backyard Jungle
 Elective Adventure - Digging in the Past
 Adventure - Fur, Feathers, and Ferns
 Elective Adventures - A Bear Goes Fishing, Beat of the Drum
 Elective Adventures - Adventures in Science, Castaway, Earth Rocks!, Into the Wild, Into the Woods
Merit badges
 Forestry, Geology, Insect Study, Reptile & Amphibian

Girl Scout Programs Available

  Petals - Clover Petal (Using Resources Wisely), Rose Petal (Making the World a Better Place)
  Journeys - Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden (It's Your World-Change It!), 5 Flowers, 4 Stories,
     3 Cheers for Animals (It's Your Story-Tell It!), Between Earth and Sky (It's Your Planet-Love It!)
  Badges - Naturalist Legacy Badge: Bugs, Hiker, Senses, Home scientist, Outdoor adventurer
  Journeys - Wonders of Water (It's Your Planet-Love It!)
  Badges - Gardener, Naturalist Legacy Badge: Flowers, Animal Habitats
  Journeys - Get Moving (It's Your Planet-Love It!)
  Badges - Animal Helpers, Naturalist Legacy Badge: Trees, Night Owl, Archery
  Journeys - Breathe (It's Your Planet-Love It!)
  Badges - Adventurer, Voice for Animals, Sky
  Badges - Water

American Heritage Girl Programs Available

  •   Zoology
  •   Nature & Wildlife
  •   Native American
  •   Fire Safety and Fire Building
  •   Gardening & Plant Science
  •   Geology
  •   Insect-a Inspect-a