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Plants and Animals in the Parks

Through the years, various studies and observations of flora and fauna have occurred at Fairfax County Park Authority parks. Some have been specific to a certain park, yet their results may have some connection to other county parks. For example, a study of birds across the county would probably show that there are cardinals in all our parks. It would also show that specific species are drawn to Riverbend Park because of the Potomac River and to Huntley Meadows because of its wetlands.

This page contains links to some of the studies and recordings made in county parks. Although many of these are specific to one park, they can be used as an indicator of what might be in other county parks with similar habitats. It's the habitat, the specific environmental conditions of an area, that attracts particular plants and animals. Put simply, if you see squirrels in a wooded area of a Fairfax County park, there's a pretty good chance you'll see squirrels in other wooded areas of county parks.

Spring Wildlife

Spring brings a lot of wildlife babies to our forests. If you see baby wildlife in the woods and it is in distress please contact the FCPA site staff if available, Animal Protection Police (703-691-2131), Virginia Wildlife Conflict Helpline (1-855-571-9003) or

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