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Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience

Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience 

The Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE) is a 1.5-hour program that meets the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement education requirements for elementary school students.  
•    No buses needed! We come to you. 
•    MWEE supports multiple 4th and 5th grade Virginia Standards of Learning. 
•    MWEE is schoolyard project-based learning. 
•    MWEE includes a consultation with a park naturalist to assist with an action project. 


MWEE is designed for three student groups or classes who rotate through three stations. The stations are designed to cover 4th and 5th-grade Science SOLs. Topics at the stations are:  
•    Erosion and Land Use: A naturalist leads students on a schoolyard hike to identify evidence of erosion. 
•    Native Plant Habitats:  A student game illustrates how easily invasive species can spread.  
•    Schoolyard Biodiversity Data Collection: Students collect data about the presence or absence of plant species on school grounds for later analysis in the classroom.

•    Cost per student: $8 
•    Length of time: 1.5 hours  
•    When: September to June 
•    Where: Your school yard 
•    Who: Grades 4 and or  5 

More Information / Schedule a MWEE Program

•    Contact: Tami Sheiffer, Watch the Green Grow Coordinator, at 

If accommodations and/or alternative formats are needed, please contact Inclusion and ADA Support at 703-324-8727.  TTY Va Relay 711  

Schedule a Free Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience

The MWEE program is being offered FREE during the 2019-20 school year as part of a grant-funded pilot program called Watch the Green Grow. As part of the program, free MWEE is being offered only to select schools in the vicinity of Accotink, Cub Run, and Sugarland Run stream valley parks.  
•    Cost per student: Free  
•    Length of time: 1.5 hours  
•    When: September 2019 – June 2020  
•    Where: Select FCPS elementary schools adjacent to Accotink, Cub Run, and Sugarland Run stream valley parks  
•    Who: Grades 4 and 5 

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