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Fishing Articles

Striped Bass Fishing in Fairfax County
The cold fall weather is finally starting to move in, and you know what that means. The Striped Bass are here. Striped Bass, or Stripers as most people call them, are a migratory fish that move up and down the East Coast of the United States. During the fall, massive schools of these fish travel up the Potomac River and into the creeks.
There are many ways to enjoy a successful fishing trip with children. The main principle is to make it fun, end the fishing trip while they are still having fun and help them achieve a positive and attainable experience. Below are some of the techniques I use with kids in our fishing classes.

Fall is here and cool, crisp weather has started to emerge as the leaves change their hues. This means it is time to get a pole in the water, and perhaps find yourself a trophy.

The period between late summer and early fall is a great time to do some bass fishing if you have the right knowledge. This article will focus on the keys to successful, local fall bass fishing.  

More Than Just Fishing

By Dan Grulke

More than fishingIn its simplest form, fishing is casting a line with a lure or bait into the water in hopes of catching a fish. If that were all that was involved in this sport or hobby, few would continue to participate in it. So the real question is, “Why do people go fishing?”

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